AUTHOR : Madeline Miller

NARRATOR : Perdita Weeks

DURATION : 12 hrs and 8 mins


“Circe” by Madeline Miller offers a captivating retelling of the relatively obscure Greek goddess Circe, who emerges from the shadows of mythology to claim her narrative spotlight in this novel. Miller’s work has ignited a spectrum of reactions from its readership, ranging from admiration for her eloquent prose to struggles with the book’s pacing. Delving into the crux of the story, this books chronicles the profound transformation of its eponymous protagonist. This book evolves from being a disregarded deity into a potent sorceress who not only garners the respect of her divine peers but also instills fear among them. As she navigates her journey, the goddes crosses paths with prominent mythological figures like the audacious Jason and the enigmatic Medea, further enriching the tapestry of Greek myth.

Embedded within the narrative are themes that resonate deeply: power dynamics, the quest for self-identity, and the intricate threads of family bonds. The Greek Goddes ongoing struggle to carve out her space in a society that prizes dominance intertwines seamlessly with the dichotomy between individual authenticity and societal norms. Miller’s writing style receives accolades for its immersive quality; her descriptive narrative paints vivid scenes that breathe life into the mythological realm. However, in the midst of praise, some readers find themselves struggling with the slow pace of the book, which requires patience and engagement.

The critical reception of “Circe” mirrors the multifaceted nature of its story. The novel has earned widespread acclaim, reaching its zenith as a finalist for the prestigious Women’s Prize for Fiction, a testament to its resonance and impact. Nevertheless, dissenting voices emerge, as some readers voice reservations about the narrative’s leisurely tempo and its divergence from the traditional myths it draws inspiration from.

In summation, this audio book undertakes the commendable task of reimagining a classic myth, infusing it with renewed vigor and relevance. As the narrative navigates timeless themes, it does so with an immersive writing style that has garnered applause, even though opinions on its pacing remain varied. Ultimately, this book stands as a work that captures the imagination through its prose and invites readers to embark on a transformative journey alongside its titular character.


Fiction & Literature: Classics, Literary Fiction & Historical Fiction