Happy Place

Happy Place

AUTHOR: Emily Henry

NARRATOR: Julia Whelan

DURATION: 11 hrs and 3 mins


Happy Place by Emily Henry is an enchanting romantic novel that follows the intricate journey of a couple who, despite having separated several months prior, forge a pact to feign an ongoing relationship during their annual week-long vacation, an event they share with their closest friends. Happy Place by Emily Henry presents this touching story that not only involves the realm of love and friendship but also delves deep into the depths of self-discovery.


The crux of the narrative revolves around Harper and Jake, the central protagonists, both deeply enamored with each other yet shrouded in the fear of confessing their enduring affection. While their romantic ties had frayed due to individual motives, their emotions remain intricately interwoven. Opting to masquerade as a united front for the vacation, they unwittingly thrust themselves into a situation demanding an introspective reckoning of their emotions, consequently compelling them to evaluate the viability of rekindling their past relationship.


Emily Henry’s narrative prowess shines brilliantly through her exquisite prose, as she masterfully crafts vivid depictions of not only the characters but also the picturesque settings. She artfully fuses elements of familiarity and novelty, constructing a world that strikes a chord with readers while also offering a fresh perspective. The dialogue sparkles with wit and engages the reader in a captivating manner, and the pacing of the story is calibrated perfectly, ensuring an unbroken grip on the reader’s attention from the very commencement until the satisfying denouement.


One of the most commendable facets of the novel is its in-depth exploration of the theme of self-discovery. Both Harper and Jake find themselves compelled to confront their individual apprehensions and vulnerabilities head-on, emerging from these internal conflicts as individuals endowed with greater resilience and self-awareness. The novel adeptly weaves together the theme of friendship, illustrating how steadfast friends offer emotional support and wise guidance throughout their transformative journey.

This audio book is an emotionally resonant and utterly engaging romance that leaves an indelible mark on readers, invoking a sense of optimism and inspiration. Through its compelling narrative, the novel stands as a testament to the indomitable potency of love and camaraderie, rendering it an indispensable addition to the reading list of anyone with an affinity for beautifully woven love stories.


Fiction & Literature:  Contemporary Women
Romance:  Contemporary & Rom-Com