WRITTEN BY: Prince Harry, The Duke Of Sussex

DURATION: 15 hours 39 minutes


“Spare” is a memoir penned by Prince Harry, with the assistance of ghostwriter J. R. Moehringer. This book was initially released in January 2023. It presents a firsthand narrative of Prince Harry’s life, chronicling his upbringing as a member of the British royal family, his military tenure, and his union with Meghan Markle. The memoir also delves into his battles with mental well-being and the repercussions of his mother’s demise on his life.

This audiobook voiced by author and spans a duration of 15 hours and 39 minutes. As noted in a review by The National News, the experience of actively hearing author recount his journey adds a distinctive depth that surpasses reading the text. Nevertheless, it’s acknowledged that the audio book can be emotionally challenging due to its inclusion of poignant depictions of Princess Diana’s passing and the subsequent years.

On the whole, this audio book is deemed to be skillfully written, candid, unexpectedly revealing, insightful, and engaging. For those intrigued personal tale, opting for the book audio version is suggested for a more immersive encounter.


Genre: Biography & Memoir: History & Culture, Memoir