A Boy Named Harry: The Childhood of Lee Kuan Yew

A Boy Named Harry: The Childhood of Lee Kuan Yew

Author: Patrick Yee

Narrator: Hamish Alastair Gerard Brown

Duration: 13 minutes


Audiobook titled A Boy Named Harry: The Childhood of Lee Kuan Yew tells story about the future leader of Singapore, Harry Lee Kuan Yew, spent his formative years engaging in activities typical of children in the 1920s. During his childhood, Harry enjoyed the simple pleasures of playing with spinning tops, marbles, flying kites, and even caring for fighting fish. While he may have been a bit mischievous at times, Harry demonstrated a strong commitment to his education, working diligently to achieve academic excellence. His dedication paid off when he earned prestigious scholarships that granted him admission to the esteemed Raffles College.

This captivating picture book is tailored specifically for young readers, offering an illuminating glimpse into the early life of Harry Lee Kuan Yew. It serves as an excellent resource for parents, caregivers, and teachers, providing them with a valuable opportunity to impart Harry’s significant contributions to the nation to the young minds they nurture.

In this audiobook, readers are transported to a bygone era, where they can connect with the experiences and adventures of a young Harry. Through relatable anecdotes and engaging storytelling, the book paints a vivid portrait of a boy who would go on to become a remarkable leader, emphasizing the importance of hard work, determination, and dedication to one’s education. As a result, this book not only offers a charming narrative of Harry’s childhood but also serves as an educational tool, allowing children to understand and appreciate the legacy left behind by this iconic figure in Singapore’s history.