Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince

Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince

Author: J.K. Rowling

Narrator: Stephen Fry

Duration: 20 hours 31 minutes


The story of audiobook titled Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince begins high above the school, A chilling sight looms in the sky – a blazing green skull with a sinister serpent’s tongue, the ominous mark that Death Eaters, followers of the dark wizard Voldemort, leave behind whenever they infiltrate a place, a grim reminder of their presence and violence.

One summer night, Dumbledore makes an unexpected visit to Privet Drive to collect Harry Potter. However, something is amiss; Dumbledore’s wand hand is scarred and withered, but he keeps the reason concealed. Secrets and suspicion are taking root in the wizarding world, and even the safety of Hogwarts is in question. Harry becomes convinced that Draco Malfoy, his fellow student, bears the Dark Mark, the telltale sign of a Death Eater among them.

As the plot unfolds, Harry realizes that he’ll require not only formidable magic but also true allies as he delves into the darkest recesses of Voldemort’s secrets. Dumbledore, the wise headmaster, takes on the responsibility of preparing Harry to confront his inevitable destiny.

The Harry Potter eBooks have undeniably become timeless classics, providing solace and an escape into a world of magic and wonder. These tales convey powerful themes of hope, belonging, and the enduring strength of truth and love. The story of the Boy Who Lived, Harry Potter, continues to captivate and enchant new generations of readers.

In this audiobook, the stakes are higher than ever as Harry confronts the growing darkness and uncovers the truth about Voldemort’s past. With each page, readers are transported into a world filled with suspense, friendship, and the unwavering determination to face the forces of darkness.