Ms. Coco Is Loco!

Ms. Coco Is Loco!

AUTHOR: Dan Gutman

NARRATOR: Jared Goldsmith

DURATION: 57 Minutes


Listen Audiobook about April has arrived, and the halls of Lakewood Elementary School are abuzz with excitement as Poetry Month takes center stage. However, this year’s celebration promises to be unlike any other, thanks to the indomitable force of nature known as Ms. Coco. As the head of the gifted and talented program, Ms. Coco has always had a penchant for the poetic. But this month, her enthusiasm for all things verse has reached new heights, earning her the title of “poetry crazy” among the students. Ms. Coco’s eccentricities are numerous and memorable. She’s the kind of teacher who can’t help but shed tears at the mere sight of a breathtaking sunset, her emotional connection to the world around her exemplifying her deep love for poetry’s ability to evoke profound feelings.

Ms. Coco’s unconventional approach to teaching doesn’t end with her emotional outbursts. She’s a staunch advocate for emotional expression, especially among boys, challenging societal norms with her belief that everyone, regardless of gender, should be encouraged to acknowledge and explore their feelings. This stance often leads to spirited discussions and poignant moments in her classroom, as she encourages her students to dig deep into their hearts and put their emotions into words.

Perhaps the most captivating and bewildering aspect of Ms. Coco’s personality is her tendency to communicate exclusively in rhyme. It’s a trait that sets her apart from any teacher A.J. and his classmates have ever encountered. Whether she’s delivering a lesson, giving instructions, or simply engaging in casual conversation, her words flow with poetic cadence, creating an atmosphere of perpetual whimsy in her presence. For A.J. and his peers, it’s both a source of amusement and a puzzling challenge to decipher her rhyming riddles.

As the days of Poetry Month pass, A.J. finds himself caught in the whirlwind of Ms. Coco’s poetic fervor. He can’t help but yearn for the days of predictable routines and what he once considered a “normal” school life. Will A.J. ever come to appreciate the unique magic of poetry that Ms. Coco so passionately shares with her students, or will he continue to seek the familiar comfort of his old, “normal” life amidst the rhymes and emotions that surround him daily? Only time will tell as the month unfolds, revealing the transformative power of poetry and the impact of Ms. Coco’s extraordinary influence.