My Weird School Special: 365 Days of Weird!

My Weird School Special: 365 Days of Weird!

Author: Dan Gutman

Narrator: Maxwell Glick

Duration: 6 hours 49 minutes


Audiobook titled My Weird School Special: 365 Days of Weird! tells story about a thrilling adventure for A.J. and his friends, and now, you can enjoy all your favorite holiday antics in one audio collection, tailor-made for fans of the My Weird School series!

“Back to School, Weird Kids Rule!” marks the end of summer and the beginning of the school year. However, A.J.’s vacation is cut short due to a tropical storm, forcing him and his family to seek shelter at Andrea’s house. It’s not exactly the ideal situation, and A.J. finds it utterly revolting!

As time passes, the confinement of the house begins to take its toll on everyone, and even the excitement of back-to-school shopping fails to quell the kids’ restlessness. To remedy the situation, Andrea and A.J. embark on a journey to Camp Ockatollyquay. The twist? This isn’t your ordinary camp; it’s designed to prepare kids for school!

Rest assured, Andrea and A.J. enlist the help of their friends from Ella Mentry School to turn this unconventional camp experience into a memorable end to their summer vacation.

The title encapsulates the essence of the My Weird School series, where every day brings a new adventure and unexpected twists. This audio collection allows fans to immerse themselves in the humor, excitement, and peculiarities that make the series so beloved. So, get ready for a year’s worth of wacky and entertaining escapades with A.J. and the gang!