AUTHOR: Pippa Chorley

NARRATOR: Tina Chiang

DURATION: 5 Minutes


Listen Audiobook about story In the stillness of dawn, with sunlight filtering through the pale curtains, Sam slowly stirs from her slumber. As her groggy eyes adjust to the morning light, an unusual sight greets her: her cherished stuffed toys, usually neatly arranged on her bed, are now scattered haphazardly in every corner of her pastel-painted room. From Hop the bunny, with his long floppy ears, now sulking under her study desk, to Pig with its curly tail, lounging defiantly by the door, and Fluff, the softest of them all, looking quite forlorn atop the bookshelf.

Sam’s imaginative heart can’t help but conjure up a whimsical tale: perhaps her cuddly companions had a disagreement after she drifted off to dreamland. The room, which she always associated with comfort and harmony, now seemed to echo silent stories of nocturnal squabbles and toyish tiffs.

Resting her chin on her hands, Sam starts to wonder. Was it about the spot on the bed that Hop always claimed, only to be usurped by Pig? Or perhaps it was Fluff’s occasional midnight tales that sometimes went on a tad too long, keeping the others from their plushy dreams? The room, with its toys strewn about, seemed like a silent testament to a great debate that had taken place while its human occupant was none the wiser.

Determined to restore peace, Sam takes it upon herself to play the mediator. Gathering her soft friends into a circle on her carpeted floor, she imagines their grievances and tries to find common ground. She recalls the countless times she would weave rhyming tales for them, tales that taught them about friendship, understanding, and love.

“Now, Hop, Pig, and Fluff,” she begins, her voice soft yet firm, “We’re all friends here. Let’s remember our bedtime tales, the ones about sticking together through thick and thin, and sharing and caring.”

The morning turns into a delightful adventure, as Sam crafts a new story for her beloved toys, one that is filled with playful rhymes, lessons in camaraderie, and the true essence of friendship. Her room, which had started the day with evidence of a playful altercation, soon resonates with her laughter and the imagined chimes of her toys reconciling.

By the time Sam is ready to head for breakfast, the trio is back on her bed, sitting side by side, a clear sign that all is well in her little kingdom. Sam leaves her room with a smile, content in the knowledge that, come nightfall, Hop, Pig, and Fluff will drift into plush dreams as the best of friends once again.