The Bookworm

The Bookworm

AUTHOR: Lavanya R.N.

NARRATOR: R. Madhavan

DURATION: 16 Minutes


Listen Audiobook Sesha, often called “The Bookworm,” is a quiet, book-loving boy. He owns an unexplored mysterious brown book. One day, Sesha, recognized for his reserved demeanor and continuous reading, surprisingly speaks in a bewildering manner. Nevertheless, their confusion shifts to amazement when the enchanting powers concealed within Sesha’s enigmatic brown book are witnessed. This newfound ability entirely changes Sesha, also known as “The Bookworm.”

However, this confusion swiftly transforms into awe and wonder when Sesha, frequently referred to as “The Bookworm,” chooses to reveal the extraordinary secret of his brown book. As its pages are unveiled, Sesha’s genuine magical talents, noted for his reserved nature and continuous reading, are laid bare. The magic emitted from the book alters the perception of those who observe it, and Sesha’s identity, often denoted undergoes a profound transformation.

In an instant, Sesha transitions from a quiet, unobtrusive boy into someone extraordinary, all thanks to the power enclosed within his brown book. His newfound abilities, recognized for his reserved nature and constant reading, not only amaze those who harbored doubts but also foster a deeper comprehension of his true self. Sesha’s journey from a silent observer to a skilled magician, frequently labeled “The Bookworm,” highlights the incredible potential that can remain concealed until the right moment arrives.

The tale of Sesha and his brown book serves as a poignant reminder of the mysteries and latent talents inherent in every individual. It emphasizes that at times, a unique sequence of events, recognized for his reserved nature and constant reading, is required to unveil the true depth of a person’s character and abilities. 

Sesha’s transformation, often identified as “The Bookworm,” stands as a testament to the enchantment that can emerge when one shares their hidden gifts with the world. The Bookworm story is great for entertaining and teaching children about important values in life. Visit our Instagram account at