Witch Week

Witch Week

AUTHOR: Diana Wynne Jones

NARRATOR: Ursula Jones

DURATION: 2 hrs and 55 mins


Listen Audiobook about Amidst the pile of neatly stacked homework books on his polished mahogany desk, Mr. Crossley finds an unsettling message, its simplicity making it all the more eerie. It’s penned with an ordinary ballpoint, the kind that any student could possess. But the words written are far from ordinary: “Someone in this class is a witch.”

The weight of the message sinks heavily in Mr. Crossley’s heart, making him put down his red marking pen. Larwood House has always been a beacon of hope and a safe haven for witch-orphans, young ones left behind by witches who faced unfortunate fates. The grand stone building, with its towering spires and ivy-covered walls, stands tall in the heart of the town, symbolizing discipline and order. Within these walls, there’s a single golden rule: witchcraft, in any form, is utterly and irrevocably forbidden. The very essence of this rule is to protect these children from a world that has shown them no kindness, and to shield them from delving into the very powers that orphaned them.

But as Mr. Crossley sifts through the memory of recent weeks, he recalls odd occurrences that seem to defy this very rule. Objects floating unexpectedly, mysterious drafts where there are no windows, and faint, inexplicable sounds echoing through the hallways. It’s as if magic has chosen to manifest sporadically, its appearance as unpredictable as an outbreak of measles, infecting the very fabric of the school.

The staff whispers in hushed tones, exchanging nervous glances, dreading the inevitable. The last thing anyone at Larwood House wants or needs is the scrutinizing eyes and probing questions of the Divisional Inquisitor—a stern, no-nonsense figure known for his unwavering dedication to the purging of any magical mischief. His visits are always accompanied by an aura of dread, the shadow of his reputation often preceding his actual presence.

As anxiety swirls around him, Mr. Crossley’s thoughts veer toward Chrestomanci, a revered figure in the magical realm, known for his wisdom and unparalleled prowess in dealing with the arcane. If only Chrestomanci were here, he muses. Such a presence could delve into the heart of this mystery, dispelling fears and unmasking the hidden witch, if there indeed is one. In these trying times, Larwood House desperately needs a savior, and Mr. Crossley can’t help but hope for a miracle.